Structure Bond Adhesive 24oz


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SKU: SCAADH30 Category: Characteristics:
  • Application: Adhesive
  • Manufacturer: Techniseal
  • Sizes: 24 Ounce


Structure Bond™ is an innovative super-strength foam adhesive that bonds a wide range of construction products.
Structure Bond Gun allows for a precise adhesive delivery with a single pull of the trigger that stops as soon as you
let go. It requires no pumping, cutting or puncturing of cartridge nozzles. The gun is easily cleaned with convenient
cleaner cartridge available from Techniseal. Application time is up to 50% faster than with conventional tube
adhesives. Materials are bonded in just 8 minutes and adhesive is fully cured within 24 hours. Structure Bond™ is
made from high-quality modified polyurethanes. Its adhesive strength is unmatched among all types of polyurethane
adhesives. It also has an excellent long-term resistance to weathering, diluted acids and caustic solutions.

Necessary tools • Structure Bond Gun (sold separately) • Structure Bond Cleaner

• Super-strength hardscape foam adhesive
• Developed for the construction industry
• Super quick and easy application with gun
• Precise delivery – No mess, no waste
• Adjustable bead size
• Twelve 24 Ounce cans per case
• Sets in 8 minutes*
*Set time will vary according to air moisture

• Pavers
• Concrete
• Bricks
• Porcelain
• Wood / plywood
• Composite materials
• Drywalls
• Steel
• Aluminum

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