Belden, City Line 4×8 Carbon Black

$9.59 / SQ FT

Des Plaines | 19
SKU: CPBBCTLCBBU Category: Characteristics:
  • Application: Pedestrian
  • Application: Vehicular Traffic
  • Item Color: Carbon Black
  • Manufacturer: Belden
  • Material: Clay
  • Sizes: 4" x 8" x 2.25"
  • Surface: Smooth
  • Technology: Extruded Wire Cut


Express your vision of comfortable living with brick pavers. Brick walks, patios and driveways add character, charm and color permanence no other paving material can match. Belden Brick manufacturers both extruded and molded pavers which, due to their low water absorption and high compressive strength, perform exceptionally well in a variety of applications. The type of paver you choose will depend on the aesthetics of your design scheme. We provide our customers with the latest textures, colors, shapes and sizes that continually increase the overall enjoyment of this timeless building material. So let your imagination run free. Create your vision of beauty from one of the many selections of Belden Paving Brick.

Style- Beveled Edge With Lugs
Square Feet Per Bundle- 104.44
Pieces Per Bundle- 470
Sections Per Bundle- 5
Weight Per Bundle- 2,961 Lbs.

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Weight 2961 lbs