Straw Blanket DS-75 8′ x 112.5′ (100sy)


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  • Application: Erosion Control
  • Application: Seed Protection
  • Material: Wheat Straw Fibers
  • Sizes: 8' x 112.5' (100 Square Yards)


Single net straw erosion control blankets are biodegradable products ideal for erosion control in low level areas (slopes up to 3:1), low flows, or mild stabilization requirements. Typically lasting up to 12 months, the single net straw blanket can provide the support you need until vegetation and seeding is able to effectively take root.
Straw erosion control blankets are designed with interior fibers that are stabilized with exterior netting. Interiors are made from 100% wheat straw fibers, while exterior netting is made from photodegradable polypropylene. All mats are sold by the roll in single or pallet quantities.

Single Net Straw Blanket Features

Interior: 100% Agriculturally Cured Wheat Straw
Netting: Single Jute, Leno Weave Netting
Thread: Non-Woven Nylon Thread
4 Inch Folded Edge
8' Roll Width
112.5' Roll Length
25 Rolls per Bundle

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