SRW Pathway Stabilizer 5 GAL


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SKU: SCAADHPS5GAL Category: Characteristics:
  • Application: Stabilizer
  • Manufacturer: SRW
  • Material: Liquid
  • Sizes: 5 Gallon
  • Technology: Water Based


Path Stabilizer is a liquid-bonding agent that holds decomposed granite and crushed stone in place and creates long-lasting, dust-free pathways and patio areas. Safe for use around plants and animals, it reduces weed growth, dust, and erosion from weather and foot traffic.

One easy to use formula ideal for both commercial and residential applications
Liquid bonding agent that controls dust
Stabilizes pathways and patios
Minimizes tracking and weed growth

Decomposed Granite
Crushed Stone 3/8?-1/4? minus
Pathways and Patio Areas

Residential: Apply a top coat of SRW Path Stabilizer, at a coverage rate of 50 sq. ft. per gallon, 24 hours after compaction. Surface must be dry before applying.
Commercial: Apply SRW Path Stabilizer at a coverage of 30 sq. ft. per gallon. Wait 24 hours and apply a top coat of 40 sq. ft. per gallon.
Surface must be dry before applying top coat.

10-15 Square Feet Per Gallon