Techniseal Paver Prep/Efflo Cleaner 1Gal (3.78L)


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SKU: SCACLE02 Category: Characteristics:
  • Application: Cleaner
  • Manufacturer: Techniseal
  • Material: Liquid
  • Sizes: 1 Gallon


This high-duty paver cleaner and efflorescence remover is ideal for optimal pre-sealing surface preparation.
Specially formulated to remove tough efflorescence
Prepares pavers prior to sealant application
Brightens up the color of pavers
Concentrated- Just dilute into water
Surface type : Concrete Paver, Concrete Slab, Interlocking Paver
Coverage :1 Gallon of concentrated solution cleans up to 200 sq. ft.
Note that actual coverage may vary depending on product dilution and surface condition.