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Our own Lurvey Select Sod and Turf Products are well-recognized and trusted by countless landscape professionals. Turf Fertilizers from quality manufacturers such as Espoma, Milorganite, Miracle-Gro, Spring Valley, and The Andersons Group.
A premium fertilizer line-up recommended by a Premium Sod Grower. Lurvey has teamed up with quality manufacturers to provide professional turf products that we trust to use for both our own Turf Nursery and for your lawn. *Lurvey recommends a high quality, slow-release nitrogen source; consider a lower input fertilization program by reducing Nitrogen rates to less than 3 lb./year.
Traditional and organic options are available from a 4-step program, to kid and pet friendly selections.

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  • Fertilizer 12-12-12 50lb

    $29.99 Coming Soon
  • Fert 22-0-3 w/50% Fortify N 22%Mg – 50lb

    $39.99 Coming Soon
  • 14-14-10 Super Pro Grow Natural 10lb

    $26.99 Coming Soon
  • 14-14-10 Super Pro Grow Natural 50lb

    $59.99 Coming Soon
  • Fert, Milorganite 6-4-0 32lb Bag

    $16.99 Coming Soon
  • Fert Pre-Emergent 15-0-0 + .28% Barricade 80%NSN

    $36.99 Coming Soon
  • Fert Pre-Emergent 18-00-04 +.103% Dimension

    $46.99 Coming Soon
  • Fert Weed & Feed – 22-00-04/.72%Trimec 25% NS-54

    $46.99 Coming Soon