Plant Rx Form

Plant Rx Form

Please use this form for any questions or concerns on the health of your trees, shrubs, evergreens, perennials, annuals, vegetables, herbs, and house plants purchased from Lurvey.

Providing specific information, in answer to the questions below, will ensure a correct diagnosis and enable us to give the best advice to help remedy the ailment affecting your plant. Some questions will be more prevalent to a house plant and not a tree or annual plant, feel free to only answer the questions that apply to your situation.

**Please take photos and attach them. Photos will greatly aid in diagnosis. Close up photos of the problem area as well as full plant or garden photos may help us to get the full picture.

To speak to our Plant Health Department directly please call us at 847-824-7411 or email us at [email protected]. We also invite you to come into the Home & Garden Center with samples of leaves/insects (in a sealed plastic bag).

If unsure of specific name describe the type of plant (ex: tree, flowering bush, houseplant, etc.)
Enter date (it can be approximate) and any additional information.
Select one or more
Select one or more
Select one
(Example: new hardscape or landscaping, lawn maintenance, tree removed...)
(Example: frequently wet, drought, previous plants or structure in the location...)
(Example: change in watering, added mulch or fertilizer...)

For more information about Our Guarantee click here. This form is not necessarily a replacement for in-person observation and in some cases bringing in a sample may still be necessary. 

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