If you would like to install your own landscape, but would like a little help with a few of the larger, more laborious items, our tree planting service can arrange installation of the larger items for you. We are committed to serving you and want to make your project easier and your experience something more. We are committed to serving you and stand behind our plant material and our work.

Installation Benefits include:

  • A pre-installation site visit to confirm plant location and determine access to the site
  • Delivery of selected plant material
  • Proper installation of plant material
  • Application of Bio-tone Starter Plus with Mycorrhizae Fertilizer
  • 100% one-time replacement guarantee for 1 full year
  • Soil amendments as needed
  • Top dressing of mulch per plant
  • Care instructions and ongoing professional advice

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Fees & Pricing

Your purchase of installation includes delivery and is 150% of the full retail value of your nursery stock purchase.  (Example: a $449.99 tree will cost $674.99 for delivery, installation, and a one-year guarantee).

Minimum material value is $400.00 from March through October.  Planting locations more than 20 miles from our Des Plaines location will be assessed a $150.00 travel fee in addition to the labor charge.

Environmental Fee (Included in installation fee): Fee applies to Bio-Tone Starter Fertilizer and soil amendments as needed for quality root growth, shredded hardwood mulch applied to the new plant for water conservation, removal and disposal of debris, and recycling of topsoil and containers.  

Download and review our planting contract

Planting & Installation FAQ

  • All trees and shrubs purchased through our Home and Garden Center are warrantied at 50% for one year when planted by the buyer or their contractor. The plant must be a minimum of 50% dead for warranty to be in effect.
  • We guarantee trees and shrubs that Lurvey installs at 100% for one-year, one time. The warranty covers all costs for re-installation of the same plant or one of equal or lesser value.  The plant must be a minimum of 50% dead for the warranty to be in effect. This is deemed by the installer.
  • Annuals, perennials, grasses, roses, vines, and sod are not guaranteed. 
  • Proper care and watering instructions and advice are always available.
  • All living plant material is non-returnable after leaving our care.  

The installation cost is 1.5 times the original price of the nursery stock purchase. Example: A $449.98 tree will cost $674.99 for the installation fee for a total of $1,124.96 plus tax. The installation fee includes a one-year 100% plant guarantee, pre-installation site inspection, delivery, installation, one plant health checkup in the first year, and planting requirements including: Bio-Tone starter fertilizer and soil amendments as needed for quality root growth, shredded hardwood mulch applied to the new plant for water conservation, removal and disposal of soil debris from install, recycling of soil and containers. For sites outside of the 20-mile radius of Des Plaines, there will be an additional $150 delivery fee.

Delivery of plants for installation cannot be combined with the delivery of other items. The subcontractor sets a pickup schedule independent of Lurvey for the day’s combined pre-routed installations.

  • From the time the contract is signed, and the item(s) are paid for, our installer will call the customer within 5-7 business days to confirm the pre-installation site visit status.
  • Installer will contact JULIE for the utility marking site inspection. 
  • Once the installer’s pre-site and JULIE’s inspection have occurred, the installer will call the customer to schedule the installation. 
  • The installation process takes 2-3 weeks. However, in the peak spring season, it may take longer due to weather delays and order volume.

Any additional landscaping work over and above the original Installation as noted in Lurvey Home & Garden Installation Contract can be quoted by the Lurvey installer at the time of site inspection as requested.  However, any subsequent work that arises is strictly agreed upon by the homeowner and installer and is independent of Lurvey. This may include perennial plant installation, additional mulch, or soil. During peak season – April, May, and June – additional projects may be delayed.

A 15% restocking fee on returned plants on installation day that can’t be planted due to the site being unprepared.

No, it cannot.  New trees must be a minimum of 5-6 feet from the pre-existing tree, even if the stump has been removed. The reason for this is the previous tree likely depleted the soil of nutrients that new trees need. Additionally, old fibrous roots compete for water with new trees as well as limit their physical ability to grow.

The installer does not have the capacity to perform tree and stump removal.  This work must be done prior to the purchase or installation.  Referrals are available. Small shrubs can be determined by the installer.

Best practices are used as general guidelines nationwide.  Plant installations are always planting site and environmental conditions dependent.  High winds, soil type, root ball condition, and size are among several variables that affect it.  

For example:  If a 15’ tree is being planted in a high wind area, into loose soil, a smaller hole may be dug to minimize root ball movement.  Staking may or may not be advised based on site factors.

Included in the installation service is a one-time plant check valid for one year. Simply call Lurvey at (847) 824-7411, or email [email protected] as soon as plant stress is observed to request one. The Lurvey installer will come to inspect the plant within 5 days of the request being received and advise.  Multiple subsequent plant checks are available but may be subject to additional fees.

NOTE: The plant must be at least 50% dead for a one-time replacement, Lurvey’s plant health department can help with that determination.

  • Soil moisture:  Consider if the plant is being over or under-watered; Yellow, pliable, and eventually browning leaves or needles generally indicate too much water while dry and brittle indicate too little. 
  • Light:  Small, pale leaves may mean plants are not getting enough light. 
  • Pests:  Examine plants for insects or evidence of insect damage such as holes in leaves/stems, webbing, and sticky substance on leaves/bark. Proper diagnosis and early treatment can usually save it.
  • Disease:  Leaf spots, bumps, discoloration, and whitish film on bark or leaves are typical common symptoms and easily treatable.  Viral and bacterial diseases may be more difficult to diagnose and treat.  
  • Extreme temperatures or Transplant Shock stress plants: Leaf rolling or curling, wilting, scorching, sudden leaf drop, and early onset of fall colors may be observed in both situations. With awareness, often just patience and adjusting watering needs plants can rebound.
  • Environmental factors, visibly seen and/or unknown, may negatively affect a plant’s health such as wind, mechanical equipment injury (think lawn mower or weed wacker), salt, too much fertilizer, and even a neighbor’s use of herbicides.

Proper watering for the first two growing seasons, as well as during drought, is the single most critical factor in the success of growing a healthy plant.  Ask for a copy of the Lurvey Know and Grow Planting and Watering Guide.

Warranty is provided to the homeowner by the contractor, NOT Lurvey. Lurvey does not give contractor warranties on plants. We can only guarantee live plants to be healthy and in good growing condition when they leave our site. Check with your contractor directly to confirm what, if any, warranty is offered. 

Garden Center Self-plant Guarantee

As a Garden Center customer, if you choose to install your Lurvey Select® nursery stock, it is guaranteed for one year. Should it not survive, bring it in with your receipt and a 50% credit will be issued for one-time replacement nursery stock. (This guarantee excludes all commercial sales, annuals, perennials, roses, and sod.)

Planting Service Guarantee

When we install your Lurvey Select® nursery stock, you will receive a 100% one-time replacement guarantee for one year. If for some reason your nursery stock is not doing well, simply give us a call and we will come out to your home and conduct a plant check. If there is a need for a replacement, a new plant will be selected, delivered and installed. (This guarantee excludes all commercial sales, annuals, perennials, roses, and sod.)

Commercial Sales Guarantee

Many of our products come with manufacturers warranties and we certainly want to do what we can to support you with any problems you may have. We can only guarantee live plants to be healthy and in good growing condition when they leave our site. We have no control over what happens to plants after they leave our sales yards.

We encourage our landscape professionals to take advantage of our Lurvey Seminars and the knowledge of our Lurvey Sales Team to help make your next planting a success! Lurvey cannot guarantee or be responsible in any way for the results secured in transplanting.

Get a Plant Prescription

Is one of your plants showing signs of poor health, looking just plain funky or maybe even dead? Our goal is to help you be successful with all your plants, so you can worry less while sitting back and enjoying more.  

Plant care is an art and a science, with our help it will no longer be a mystery but a skill you can master. Consult our plant specialists by filling out and submitting a Plant Rx Form.

Remember, 99% of plant survivability is related to proper watering!

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