Back Yard Design Express

Back Yard Design Express

Great for design areas of up to 700 square feet, our Back Yard Design Express is a great way to utilize our design knowledge to deliver solutions for larger garden beds.  Get started on your DIY project, with a fast turnaround time.

This service provides the homeowner with a real-time collaborative design session with an experienced Lurvey Landscape Designer. The meeting is held remotely using a 90-minute screen share meeting via Zoom. The finished product is a highly intuitive, 18″ x 24″ computerized plan. Included with the design are an informative plant and/or materials quote, perfect for  DIY projects or contractor installations! During the meeting, your designer will discuss tips for installation and the long-term success of your new outdoor space.

For a fee of $399, this service provides the homeowner...

A Completed Design that includes:

  • A Retail Materials Quote
  • Three Lurvey Connect Contractor Referrals
  • 10% OFF Coupon – Good for materials used to complete that project

After scheduling online, you provide the following to the designer prior to the meeting:

  • Current Plat of Survey (Required)
  • A few current pictures of the area (Required)
  • Sketch with measurements of the existing soil bed area or other measurements that could be helpful
  • The direction that the front of the house faces so the designer can analyze sun exposure
  • Soil conditions (dry, moist, clay, etc.)
  • Any likes or dislikes

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