Sponsorship & Donation Requests

Sponsorship & Donation Requests

One of the ways to experience the Lurvey More.

Lurvey is committed to being a positive contributor in our community. That extends to collaborating with the organizations and community groups around us that are also working to improve our world.

Please Note: During April, May, and June we can only offer the Year-Round Product Voucher

Sponsorship Requests

Please fill out and submit the form below at least four weeks prior to the event.

Our standard donation, Lurvey’s Year-Round Product Voucher, provides free products for each of the 4 seasons ($50 value). Vouchers are available within 2 days of submitting this form. Requests for other types of partnership will be reviewed internally and we will contact the requestor. *** During April, May, and June we can only offer the Year-Round Product Voucher ***
Though not required, if your application is awarded, how will Lurvey be recognized in your project/event?
If available, provide a link to your project/event here


How long will it take for my request to be reviewed? We ask that you give us two weeks to review your request; we will then contact you via email or by phone.

If my application is approved, how soon will I obtain my donation? The timeframe in which Lurvey will provide donations and/or sponsorships will vary depending on the donation; this will be determined at the time of approval. Lurvey’s Year-Round Product Vouchers will be available at the Garden Center within 2 business days after approval.

If my application is approved, how will I obtain my donation? Lurvey requires that all in-kind donations be received/picked-up by the individual representing the project/event at the Des Plaines Garden Center when the material is ready. Lurvey will not transport or deliver donations.