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Our Top 3 Watering Tips

Home & Garden : June 12, 2022 : 0 Comments

Kate shares our three top watering tips to help you be successful with your plants, whether they are new or established!

Starting Your Veggie Seeds Indoors

Featured, Seasonal Solutions : February 2, 2021 : 0 Comments

It’s never too early to start planning for the season’s vegetable garden! Join Tracy as she shares a ton of information about being successful in starting your vegetable seeds indoors. She talks about how to get prepared, what tools you will need, how to plant your seeds, and finally how to nurture your vegetable seedlings […]

Creating a Dish Garden

Featured, Home & Garden : January 7, 2021 : 0 Comments

Lurvey Home & Garden – Creating a Dish Garden. Many of us have been at home a lot and as the weather pushes us indoors more we are looking to bring the joys of gardening indoors as well. Plants help our indoor environment and make us feel good. Join Jeanine and get inspired to create […]

Touring Our Favorite Christmas Trees

Home & Garden : November 12, 2020 : 0 Comments

There are several themed Christmas trees throughout the garden center. From our Farm Tree to our Gnome Tree and more, join Harriet on a tour of some of our favorite themed trees! Visit our Home & Garden Center to purchase many of the items seen in the video.  

Peanut Project 2020 Final Check -In

Home & Garden : November 2, 2020 : 0 Comments

It’s time to harvest our peanuts! Marty shows off this season’s peanut haul and talks a little bit about his end of season observations. He discusses how much better the harvest could have been had the garden been planted earlier, if the plants had received a little more light, and how harmful it was to […]

Protecting Your Evergreens with Wilt Stop

Featured, Home & Garden : October 26, 2020 : 0 Comments

Lurvey Home & Garden - Protecting Your Evergreens with Wilt Stop. Cold temperatures and harsh winter winds can strip the moisture from your evergreen plants. Scott shares a great product called Wilt Stop that helps your broadleaf evergreens retain their moisture throughout the winter months and some of the plants that can really use the extra […]

To Prune or Not To Prune Your Perennials This Fall

Seasonal Solutions : October 19, 2020 : 0 Comments

It’s that time of the year when the days are getting colder and it’s time to start preparing your gardens for winter. Join Kate as she talks about several perennials that you might have in your garden and what to consider before pruning them this fall.

Protecting Your Plants from the Cold

Seasonal Solutions : October 5, 2020 : 0 Comments

As we move into fall and the temperatures drop, it’s important to know how your plants will react to the lower temperatures and what you can do to protect them. Tracy, our Seasonal Color Manager, talks about the different groups of plants that are susceptible to damage from the lower temperatures and some ways to […]

Pappelina Rugs

Outdoor Living : September 22, 2020 : 0 Comments

Rugs are a great addition to any outdoor space, especially those from Pappelina! These rugs are crafted with pride and love in Sweden. They aren’t too stiff or too soft and feel just right underfoot. Add that pop of color and texture that your outdoor space needs, today! 

Preparing Your Fire Pit for Fall

Outdoor Living : September 9, 2020 : 0 Comments

Cooler summer nights are right around the corner. If you’re planning on extending your season outdoors by enjoying those nights by the fire, you need to get your firepit ready for that first fire. Take a minute and grab a few tips from Mike on what basic maintenance steps you should take to make sure […]