PL Premium Polyurethane Adhesive 10oz


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  • Application: Adhesive
  • Manufacturer: PL
  • Sizes: 10 Ounce
  • Technology: Polyurethane


Loctite PL Premium Construction Adhesive is a one component, polyurethane based, moisture-curing adhesive.
It is VOC compliant and contains no chlorinated solvents or water. Loctite PL Premium provides superior adhesion to most common construction materials. It can be used for interior or exterior projects and is 3X as strong as ordinary construction adhesives. It is also water resistant, paintable and cures even in cold temperatures. Ideal for sub floor installations.

Up to 3 times the strength of conventional adhesives during initial 24 hours.
Convenient 4oz squeeze tube.
Low VOC content.
Water resistant. Can be used outdoors and in high humidity environments.
Broad service temperature range.
For indoor and outdoor use.
Meets and exceeds ASTM D3498 requirements.

For a 10-fl. oz. Cartridge: A 1/4” bead extrudes approximately 30.6 ft.

12 Tubes Per Case
140 Cases Per Pallet