Be Unique: Choosing the Right Pattern for Concrete and Natural Stone Patios

Be Unique: Choosing the Right Pattern for Concrete and Natural Stone Patios

Building an outdoor patio is a great project that can transform your outdoor living space. When it comes to this type of project, the pattern you choose to utilize when installing your pavers or natural stone, is almost as important as the materials you select. Laying patterns can make a big impact on the final look of your patio. Versatile patterns and natural materials make for great stone designs that really make your patio pop.

There are a variety of ways to make patterns out of pavers and natural stone. You can create a pattern from one size paver, such as running bond, basket weave, or herringbone to name a few. Laying one of these same patterns on a 45 degree angle will provide an entirely new look as well. Concrete and natural stone pavers also come in many sizes, allowing you to create unique patterns with several sizes at once. We have numerous patterns for laying pavers or we can help you create your own! When it comes to arranging stone or pavers, it’s sometimes better for the placement to be more ‘random.’ Creating patterns with three or more different sizes of material allows the pattern achieve a random and more natural look.

Planning ahead is useful, especially when it comes to a big project like laying a patio. As we look forward to warmer weather when outdoor tasks are more feasible, consider laying a patio with pavers or natural stone in a unique pattern. Choosing a pattern is important, it is the basis for what the end result will look like. The pattern for your patio can be uniform or random, selected or created by you, and can contain one size or many sizes of concrete and natural stone. Let Lurvey be your guide to making all the right choices for you and your project.


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