Clay Pavers Will Add a Unique Touch to Your Next Project

Clay Pavers Will Add a Unique Touch to Your Next Project

If you’re looking for clay pavers, Lurvey has a wide selection and several styles to choose from.

Water Struck

The physical properties of waterstruck brick outperform any other brick type. The irregularity of bricks that appear 200 years old the day they are produced is a throwback to the days when most products were truly “manufactured”. Waterstruck Brick is absolutely authentic rather than a simulation of the past. Less and less waterstruck brick has been made over the second half of the century, but its uncommon and rugged handsomeness adds a touch of tradition to your landscape.

Wire Cut

The durability, enduring color, and timeless texture make this paver unique. Build beauty, value, strength, and distinctive appeal into your next project with our Wire-Cut brick produced by Acme Brick. Lurvey stocks many styles and colors of Acme Wire-Cut’s most sought-after pavers.

Reclaimed Clay Pavers

Clay pavers brought the end of mud, the end of dust, and the start of mobility, culture, and civilization to many small prairie towns. They “paved the way” for automobiles. There were literally thousands of brick companies that sprang up in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Consequently, millions of bricks were made to pave thousands upon thousands of miles of streets throughout the United States.


Whitacre-Greer pavers are all natural clay – with colors ranging from deep brown and burgundy to light tan and grey – whose colors will never, ever fade. No other landscape material even comes close to comparing when it comes to your home or commercial project. They extend the element of craftsmanship and attention to detail from the house itself into the surrounding landscaping and grounds.


Glen-Gery Brick boasts rich, enduring colors, unique textures, and incredible capacity and availability. All Glen-Gery products exceed tough ASTM International requirements for quality, durability, and consistency. During its century-long history, Glen-Gery’s growth and success have inspired more than exemplary brickmaking. Glen-Gery differentiates itself from competitors through superior customer service, technical support, and timely response to market demands with new products. Lurvey has partnered with Glen-Gery to now offer a very impressive and diverse line of pavers. Glen Gery is an Oldcastle® company.

Belden Clay

Lurvey is a Belden Brick Company Clay Paver distributor for the Chicagoland market. Belden has been around since 1895 and offers many styles and a range of colors to suit our customers’ every need! Lurvey stocks Cityline, Crestline, Beehive, and Belcrest series bricks in a variety of sizes and colors that are sure to make your next project pop.

Lurvey is your one-stop shop for clay pavers. Our experts are available to answer any questions about selection and installation. Choose clay pavers for your next project.


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