Custom Cut Stone at Lurvey

Custom Cut Stone at Lurvey

Not everyone is aware of the intricate work that goes into stone fabrication, or even that the process is used at all. Stone fabrication is a vital part of any project that involves custom cut stone. The Lurvey Fabrication Shop has hardworking craftsmen who customize stone for a multitude of projects for customers.

Lurvey inventories many different types of slab material such as: bluestone, Indiana limestone, quartzites, granites, and travertine in varying thicknesses. Lurvey can also fabricate, treat, and finish stone materials to meet most design applications such as radius copings, hearths, treads, caps, countertops, sills, as well as edge-treat most materials with rock facing, bullnosing, and thermalling.

What Is Stone Fabrication?

Stone straight from the quarry goes through a lot to become the finished products that you use in your outdoor living space. Stone fabrication is the process of selecting stone to be used for a project and then inspecting, cutting, and finishing the stone into the appropriate shape and style for what you need. They also look for flaws in the stone, such as fissures, scratches, and blemishes and work to correct those. The whole process of fabrication brings out the best in the stone, and in your project.

Lurvey Fabrication Shop

Our fabrication shop has long been committed to creating amazing stone pieces for any project. Now, we’ve been able to acquire new tools and technologies that allow us to outsource less and provide more. The improvements to our fabrication shop allow various tools and machines to do jobs that would have taken large amounts of manpower to be done by hand or would have been outsourced. Lurvey Fabrication Shop produces and creates stone that will add dimension and depth to your outdoor living space.


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