How to Use Gravel for Decoration and Delineation

How to Use Gravel for Decoration and Delineation

Gravel is a useful and sometimes overlooked material for various outdoor projects. Decorative gravel is an efficient and unique way to fill a space or create a special feature in your outdoor living space. There are numerous ways you can utilize decorative gravel as a more cost-efficient and easily accessible material for various outdoor projects. Here are some examples of where you can employ decorative gravel in place of other materials.


Using gravel to create a pathway is pretty easy. There’s no need for special excavation equipment, you can lay the groundwork with just a shovel! Just a few inches of soil has to be dug out to set the gravel and then add an edging element to keep the material in place and you have a paved pathway.

Walkways and Driveways

You can also pave larger areas like walkways, driveways, and patios with gravel. Driveways take a bit more gravel than walkways or patios, as the paving needs to be durable enough to drive and park cars on. For areas that will see more traffic, it’s always important to install a compacted base for stability and landscaping fabric to make sure weeds don’t grow through the rocks.

Decorative Uses in the Landscape

Increasing concerns about chemical use and water conservation have led to the increased use of decorative gravel in all areas of the landscape including serving as a turf and mulch alternative. As an inorganic material, decorative gravel can complement any landscape and is a low-cost and low-maintenance alternative to traditional landscape materials.

Types of Gravel

There are obviously many different kinds of decorative gravel, and some work better for different projects than others. A few of our favorites that are aesthetically pleasing and can also be used for a variety of applications are: crushed granitepea gravel, river rock, grey slate, and bluestone chips

Gravel is a great material to think about in place of mulch and other landscaping materials. It’s efficient and easy to install. Decorative gravel is also a great way to sustainably fill open spaces in your landscape while providing texture and depth to differentiate different areas within your outdoor living space. Decorative gravel can be the finishing touch to help complete any project. 


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