Landscape Design: Why Early Garden Design Planning is Key

Landscape Design: Why Early Garden Design Planning is Key

As the chill of winter begins to ease, spring fever can pop up at any time. Regardless of what the thermometer says, we’re still firmly in winter, even Punxsutawney Phil agrees. So, what’s the cure for early spring fever? We suggest taking those fever dreams of colorful blooms and elegantly landscaped spaces and channeling them to start planning your landscape design now. 

Plan Now, Don’t Wait Until Spring

We understand that the pull of springtime is strong, even if it is February. The key to turning these dreams into reality lies in the timing of your planning. This blog post will show the benefits of early garden design planning, which can lead to a gorgeous garden all year long. You’ll also find Lurvey’s Design Services and expert tips from our seasoned professionals, and we’ll show you why the frosty months are your golden opportunity for planning your landscaping projects.

The Benefits of Early Landscaping Design

Landscaper Laying Turf For New Lawn

During winter, when the ground remains firm and the air is still crisp, an excellent opportunity for landscaping design exists. For one, planning now allows you not to be hurried, and you have time to create your ideal garden or outdoor space. Let’s look at more benefits of planning your landscape design early.

Beat the Rush: Why Early Planting Matters

One of the best reasons to start your landscaping design in the colder months is to beat the spring rush. When you start early, you’ll avoid the peak season’s long waiting times and be first in line for professional landscaping services. You have time to make informed decisions without the pressure of looming warm weather. With extra time, you can sketch different designs, test layouts, and get feedback from professionals or your fellow gardening buddy before committing to anything. 

Contractor digging up soil in a garden bed

Another benefit to early planning is that it allows for realistic budget planning. How often have we waited until the last minute to holiday shop and spent a small fortune because we failed to budget? The same thing applies to planning our garden. Now, you have the time to research material costs, compare prices, and prepare for a phased implementation if needed. 

Integrating Seasonal Trends in Your Design

Xeriscaped front yard for water conservation with dry creek bed and economical solar lighting.

Planning your landscaping project also means you have the luxury of incorporating the latest gardening and design trends into your outdoor space. Whether it’s sustainable gardening practices like xeriscaping, native plantings, or adding innovative outdoor structures, early planning allows you to play around with concepts and trends that will suit your taste and garden’s requirements. 

Practical Tips for Early Landscape Planning

Working with professionals is an excellent resource for early garden design planning.

Embarking on your landscape planning journey with the end of winter on the horizon offers a unique opportunity to lay a solid foundation for your project. Here are some practical tips to make the most of this time:

Choosing the Right Plants and Materials

For any successful gardening venture, you must select the right plants for your climate. Growing tropical plants in a desert-like environment (without a greenhouse) will likely end with unfortunate-looking plants.  

For instance, selecting the right plants for Illinois’s climate means understanding the plant hardiness zones. The state of Illinois has three zones: 5,6, and 7. Each zone determines which plants will thrive in a particular zone of the state. Visit Lurvey Home and Garden in Des Plaines and our experts can help you find the best plant selection based on your zone. 

Des Plaines Garden Center for guidance on early garden design planning

With our wide selection of quality materials, trees, and plants suited for the Illinois climate, we can help during the design phase. Planning for proper zones, maintenance, and sourcing will ensure your garden thrives and does so with minimal upkeep.

Considering Seasonal Changes

Planning with an eye for year-round appeal means considering how plants and design features will interact with the changing patterns of sunlight, shade, and weather throughout the year. This holistic approach guarantees that your garden offers a continuous display of beauty, regardless of the season.

For now, we suggest taking a break from winter and reviewing the Lurvey Dream Garden Inspiration Guide to find inspiration. You’ll find landscape selections for Chicagoland, early garden design planning tips, and more.

How Lurvey Landscape Design Services Can Help You Plan Your Dream Garden

At Lurvey, we know well the symptoms of spring fever: 

  • Obsessive thoughts about gardening 
  • Irrational seed and plant purchasing in the dead of winter
  • Compulsive scrolling of garden Pinterest boards
  • Extreme sensitivity to sunny days and temps over 30° (spring is here!)

Our team of experienced professionals can help turn your spring fever into actionable plans so you can have the garden of your dreams. Schedule a consultation today!


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