New Season, New Arrangements: How You Can Create Beautiful Containers for Fall

New Season, New Arrangements: How You Can Create Beautiful Containers for Fall

Are your summer annuals looking a little tired? Consider replacing them with seasonal fall plants and coordinating décor. A change of season presents the opportunity to try new ideas and change things up. And with the amount of cool weather plants, accents, and accessories for fall, there is so much to choose from.

Fall Flowers

Cool weather annuals and others are the perfect choice to use as days get shorter and temperatures begin to drop. A fall favorite are Mums. They come in vibrant colors ranging from yellow to purple, bronze, orange, white and burgundy. They are available in many sizes from mini mums to a large bushel. Winter Survivor Pansies can be planted in fall and actually come back in the spring. Consider planting Pansies over a bed of newly planted tulip bulbs. In the spring, the Pansies will bloom first, and continue to bloom in between each tulip, making a stunning display that will last several weeks.

There are many more cool weather annuals to add to the mix, such as Ornamental Peppers, Rudbeckia Daisies, Celosia Intenz, Millet, Licorice plant, and more. Don’t forget ornamental grasses add lots of texture and movement to any arrangement. To add drama or flavor to your creation, consider adding accent branches, pods, and preserved leaves.

Other Seasonal Accessories

Cabbage, Kale, and Swiss Chard are known for their foliage, and are also great additions to any fall arrangement. As the temperature drops, their color begins to form up. They even welcome and tolerate frost! These plants, along with Pansies will even bloom through light snow and last long into late fall.  

And you don’t have to stop there. Looking to create a fall porch and door makeover? Add cornstalks, straw bales, pumpkins, and specialty gourds to accent your already beautiful containers and planting beds. A new season is a great occasion to incorporate new ideas into your arrangements and outdoor living space, and Lurvey has everything you need to dive into fall.


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