Our Favorite Varieties of Natural Stone Slabs

Our Favorite Varieties of Natural Stone Slabs

Natural stone is a great product for many types of projects, both indoors and out. Lurvey Home & Garden stocks a wide variety of natural stone slabs. The term slab essentially denotes a raw material and doesn’t really refer to any specific size or thickness but typically slabs are at least 24 inches deep. This type of material is perfect for straightforward or custom applications. Here’s a look at a few of the many types of natural stone slabs we stock.      


Indiana limestone and bluestone are two of our most commonly used slabs of natural stone, and both come in a raw form so they can be easily cut to complete your project. Both are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Limestone comes in a grey or buff with sanded top. The bluestone slabs are readily available in blue/blue color with a thermal finish. 

Lurvey Select Natural Stone

We import stone and other materials from around the country and the world in order to give you the best selection. With its beautiful range of colors from buff to grey to gold and its unique stone with fossils details throughout, Jerusalem Limestone is one of our favorite imported slab options. One of the most unique slabs we carry is Brentwood, deeper in color, ranging from chocolate to light brown, and buff to gray with a beautiful pattern resembling wood rings on a tree. 

Three Centimeter Granite

We also offer a line of three centimeter thick granites for indoor and outdoor projects, such as countertops. The line features a range of colors and price points. Stansted comes in light to medium grey tones with consistent color and a brushed finish. American Mist is a beautiful dark grey with slightly lighter veining throughout and a honed surface finish. Blue Pearl is a distinctive blue with greys and bits of beige. It also has a nice sparkle and features a polished top.

Come check out these and many other forms of natural stone slabs at Lurvey Home & Garden. All of our staff are available to answer any questions you have and help you find the products that are best for you and your project.


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