Porcelain Pavers for Your Next Project

Porcelain Pavers for Your Next Project

Outdoor porcelain pavers have many advantages. They are frost and skid-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. Exterior porcelain pavers can be dry laid onto grass, gravel, aggregates, soil, or sand. Porcelain is great for rooftop applications. They are also an excellent choice for terraces or balconies using raised supports without grout or adhesives, making installation incredibly easy. Here are some options that Lurvey stocks to make your next porcelain project as simple as possible.


Transceramica Porcelain Pavers are exclusive to Lurvey and originate from Italy. These Porcelain Paver Tiles come in wood grain, natural stone, and concrete finishes. Available sizes are nominal 24” x 24,” 2cm, with some wood grains available in additional sizes.

Unilock Del Conca

Porcelain Pavers from Unilock offers beautiful outdoor solutions. Its resistance to stains and mold, low water absorption rate, and a full selection of colors, sizes, and finishes make Del Conca an excellent choice for porches, patios, concrete overlays, balconies, and roof deck applications. Available sizes are nominal 24” x 24,” 2cm, with some wood grains available in 16” x 32” and 16” x 48.”

Unilock Ceaser

Ceasar Stone Porcelain Pavers from Unilock are beautiful and extremely durable, highly stain and fade-resistant, and come in an array of stone finishes. Available in 24 “x 24,” 2cm sizes are nominal.


Mirage Porcelain Pavers look and feel like natural stone or wood. These premium pavers are perfect for patios, entranceways, pool decks, steps, walkways, balconies, and roof decks.
Available sizes are nominal 24” x 24”, 2cm with select pavers available in 8” x 48,” 12” x 24,” 12” x 36”, and 12” x 48.”

Porcelain pavers have numerous benefits, and you should consider using this highly useful material for your next project. Lurvey stocks several different types of porcelain and is the perfect place to shop for your next project. Let us help you get started!


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