Stand Out Among the Rest: Why Granite Pavers Will Work for Your Next Project

Stand Out Among the Rest: Why Granite Pavers Will Work for Your Next Project

When looking for stone pavers for your next project, it’s important to look for the best options. Granite is stylish, modern, and durable. One misconception about granite is that it is not cost-effective. At Lurvey, we do our best to find quality products that are also a great value. Our collection of quality granite is affordable and low maintenance. We see it as a viable option when looking for a product with long-term durability and little to no maintenance. Here are some of the newest additions to our granite offerings that will make your patio, walkway, or pathway stand out.


This granite option offers a modern look featuring a dark grey color. Our Manhattan stone has a nice-looking grain and would look stunning in any outdoor living space. 


Our Sunset granite is a beige/grey mixture with the same thermal finish that is found on all these new granite options. If you’re looking for a classic look and texture with unmatched durability, Sunset is the color for you.

Castle Grey

If you’re looking for something more distinctive for your outdoor living space, we have the paver for you. Castle Grey granite’s unique grey/blue color and tighter grain gives it a great finish that will make your next paving project pop. 

At Lurvey Home & Garden, we want to give you the best quality options for your project while not straining your budget. The thermal finish of our granite pavers is slip-resistant and also minimizes the need for cleaning or sealing. Granite is often thought to be expensive, but its durability, lack of continual maintenance, and modern aesthetic offer a tremendous amount of value. Come into Lurvey today and let our experts help you find the right materials for you and your project. 


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