Stronger and Longer: Why Polymeric Sand is the Best Choice

Stronger and Longer: Why Polymeric Sand is the Best Choice

Jointing sand is usually the tried and true method of locking pavers together. There has been some debate amongst contractors and landscapers about a newer form of joint filler for paving stone, called polymeric sand. Polymeric sand is a mixture of sand and polymer, a binding agent. This form of sand for interlocking stone is gaining popularity and for good reason. It can be a difficult choice between a traditional option and a newer alternative, but we think polymeric sand can outlast and outperform the usual jointing sand.

Keeping In Place

The most important benefit of polymeric sand is that it stays in place better than traditional jointing sand. When installing pavers, you don’t want them to shift over time and create an uneven, dangerous surface. Polymeric sand combats these problems by creating a strong joint that is also flexible. As pavers naturally shift, the binder will flex and not break as traditional options would. This preserves the integrity of your walkway, driveway, or patio.

Resistance to the Elements

The material you use to bind pavers needs to withstand the elements of your climate. Polymeric sand’s unique binding agent is flexible enough to maintain its structure over time, but will not yield to the elements. Polymeric sand will stand up to water especially well. There’s no need to worry that sand might wash out of the joints after heavy precipitation or even power-washing. This adds another level of protection to the integrity of your paving surface.

Pest and Weed Resistance

Weeds growing through the cracks of pavers in a pathway, driveway, or patio is unattractive and can compromise the integrity of the paving structure. Polymeric sand is made of materials that will not let weeds or plants grow between the stone. This same feature prevents ants and other pests from coming up between the stone or compromising the structure beneath the pavers.

Polymeric sand is easy to maintain and when properly installed is durable enough to maintain the structure of your paving surface for a long time. At Lurvey Home & Garden, we stock a wide variety of polymeric sand that will be perfect for your next paving project. We have experts on hand to help determine which type of sand is best for your project. We think polymeric sand is the best choice, so stop in and let us show you why!

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