Structure Bond: Definitely the More You’re Looking For

Structure Bond: Definitely the More You’re Looking For

At Lurvey, we’re always trying to make finishing landscaping or contracting projects easier, whether you’re a contractor or a homeowner. One of the ways we do that is by letting you know when we find an exceptional product that we feel could make a big difference when it comes to your next project. One such product is Structure Bond, a high-strength foam adhesive. Here’s what makes this product different from other construction adhesives.

Saves Money

We know you don’t want to spend more than you have to in order to get the job done, and Structure Bond can definitely help with that. One can of Structure Bond is equivalent to that of 20 average adhesive tubes. Buying one can versus buying twenty tubes speaks for itself when it comes to cost. Structure Bond does a great job at a lower price.

Saves Time

Structure Bond has an eight minute set time and reaches full cure at the 24-hour mark. Once cured, the bond this adhesive makes has a lot of strength and forms a hold that should last a lifetime. We really like this foam adhesive as it gives a clean finish and cures in less time than an average adhesive.

Saves Energy

When you have the can of Structure Bond attached to the applicator gun, there is a feature to control the output of the adhesive. This is helpful with more intricate projects and, again, leaves a cleaner finish than most other adhesives. This saves you the headache of under- or over-using the adhesive. 

We’re always on the lookout for new products that make everyone’s job easier, whether you’re a contractor or homeowner, while still maintaining great quality. Structure Bond is an exceptional product well worth the price, and we think it will make a real difference to your next project requiring adhesive. This is just another way we supply the more you’re looking for.


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