5 Reasons You Should Consider Sod

5 Reasons You Should Consider Sod

Sod is an alternative to seeding, and it has numerous benefits that help your lawn to thrive. Here are some considerations to think about when it comes to laying sod versus seeding your lawn.


You could save yourself a lot of time by using sod instead of seeds. Seeding takes about a year to 18 months to take and mature enough for normal usage. Sod can be ready in just a few hours, and if you give it two weeks, it will be ready for heavier usage. Laying sod saves you a substantial amount of time as opposed to seeding.


It’s true that sod is a little more expensive than seeds in the beginning. However, it’s important to remember there are long-term benefits in investing in sod as opposed to seed. Purchasing seed every year and going through the processes of re-seeding because of erosion, disease, or weeds can be difficult, and you wouldn’t have to worry about those things with sod. Sod is a cost-effective option.


Erosion and runoff are issues in our area, and seeds can be affected by both. Seeding can be eroded considerably in the 18 months it takes to fully mature, wasting time, energy, and money. Sod curtails erosion almost completely when it’s installed, and can absorb and filter runoff. You can use sod to curtail the negative impacts on the environment. 


It takes a considerable amount of water to establish seeds. Sod doesn’t need as much water to mature and sustain itself. Seeds have to be watered daily for several weeks, while sod only has to be watered daily for about two weeks. A thick layer of turf in the sod insulates soil water from wind and sunlight, allowing the sod to require less water. 


Grass Seed Blend is constantly changing and getting better. We are continually searching for the best type of turf varieties for our region. Most seed bought in your local store is also sold everywhere across the country. Manufacturers select blends that grow “ok” everywhere. The seed we use in our sod is selected to thrive in our specific climate and soil type, especially our Lurvey Select Bluegrass Sod

Now is the time to be thinking about how to make your lawn look its best. Laying sod is an easier, more cost-effective way to help you have beautiful grass for a beautiful outdoor space. Let Lurvey help you make the best decision you’ve made for your lawn.


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