A New Website for a New Season

A New Website for a New Season

We want to continue to let you know about all the exciting new things happening at Lurvey! We have launched a new website and are excited for you to explore all of the new features and resources so that we can continue to provide what you’re looking for.

You may be asking yourself, what makes this new website unique, different, or better than our previous website?

The Foundation

This new site has an enormous foundation base that will allow us to add new modules in the near future such as e-commerce, personalized contractor account information, and much more, without having to start over!

The ‘Cool Features’

Our new website connects directly with our inventory systems, giving you more robust and accurate information than ever before. For example, you will not find the Plant Search button because the photo, plant info, and SKU are now all integrated into one search!

You can also easily access the various services Lurvey has to offer, not to mention the many events, seminars, and workshops that we provide to ensure you experience More with Lurvey!

Resource Tab

We have put all of our product guides, Know & Grows, and ‘how to’ videos all in one spot by category, so that you can easily find what you’re looking for. They also still appear at the bottom of their respective product pages.

Professionals, Inventory, and Logins

For Professionals, the contractor login is also no longer a generic password. Each contractor will have a unique login to see pricing for a better and more personal experience. Pricing is seen only when logged in as an account professional, which includes wholesale pricing and requests for quotes.   

We are proud of our new platform so that we can continue to provide you with excellent products and knowledgeable expertise. We encourage you to explore all of the new additions to our website so that we can continue to supply you with our newest and best options.


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