All About Hydrangeas: The Varieties and Tips You Should Know About

All About Hydrangeas: The Varieties and Tips You Should Know About

Shrubs can provide color all summer. Shrubs and trees can also provide color in the garden later in the season for gardeners who plan carefully. One of the most popular is the Hydrangea, which offers ball-shaped, panicle, and even lacecap flowers depending on what variety you select.

Hydrangeas can bloom on old wood and new wood, and some varieties, such as Endless Summer, bloom on both. 

Flowering on old wood means that a plant forms the flower buds for next year’s blooms during the current year. The buds are carried through winter on last year’s growth – the old wood. After these plants bloom, they begin forming the flower buds for the following year.

Here’s a few varieties of each type and some tips on how to care for them!

Hydrangeas that Bloom on Old Wood

Hydrangea queurcifolia

‘Alice’, ‘Ruby Slippers’, ‘Munchkin’, ‘Snow Queen’, ‘Sykes Dwarf

Hydrangea macrophylla

‘Blushing Bride’, ‘Big Daddy’, ‘Endless Summer’, ‘Twist & Shout’

Prune hydrangeas that bloom on old wood by removing spent or faded flowers (after blooming), leaving the long canes. Cutting these down in the fall will remove next year’s flower buds.

Hydrangeas that Bloom on New Wood (Current Year’s Growth)

Hydrangea arborescens

‘Annabelle’, ‘Incrediball’, ‘Invincibelle Spirit’

Hydrangea paniculata

‘Quick Fire’, ‘Limelight’, ‘Little Lamb’, ‘Pink Diamond’, ‘Pinky Winky’, ‘Tardiva’, ‘Unique’, ‘Vanilla Strawberry’

Hydrangeas that bloom on new wood can be pruned in March, leaving 4 inch canes. To reduce flopping, leave some canes 18”-24” long. Cutting hydrangeas down in the fall makes them susceptible to disease-causing organisms.

While Hydrangea is mostly thought of as a shade plant, all species of this beautiful shrub can withstand several hours of direct sunlight. They also prefer rich, moist, and well-drained soil. Many Hydrangea flower heads also dry well and can be preserved. 

Hydrangeas are a beautiful addition to any garden and are especially lovely in the summer season. You can find all of the options listed above at Lurvey Home & Garden Center, where we are always willing to help you find the best plant and provide you with how to care for and maintain your garden plants.


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