Backyard Entertainment Spaces

Backyard Entertainment Spaces

Here at Lurvey, we like to keep our ear to the ground about any news that will make our customers want to Come Alive Outside, and a recent article in the Wall Street Journal did just that!  In this edition of “Around the Garden Center”, we’ll discuss a story about homeowners that are putting their design emphasis on the outside of the home rather than the inside.

Backyard entertainment spaces have been around for years, but the depressed real-estate market over the past few years has fueled an urge to “invest in existing homes and make them something more usable,” says Mark Demerly, a board member of the American Institute of Architects Custom Residential Network. Many homeowners want to duplicate what they have indoors, outdoors, and with the blank slate the outdoors provides, the possibilities are endless!

One example of a family that is moving their lives outside is a family’s elaborate outdoor kitchen that has custom cabinetry, a full bar, a pizza oven, and a beer tap. The space also includes radiant-heat light fixtures, allowing the family to use the space in cooler months. The family says they built their outdoor kitchen because they are  “really into the outdoors, more than the indoors.”

Another family has a pergola with a wicker couch, a small kitchen, and lamps in a space that overlooks a lake. A gas fireplace and an outdoor fire pit keep the area warm a few weeks beyond Minnesota’s short summer season. “It’s a great gathering space,” says the family!

The most elaborate outdoor spaces can rival the costs of indoor rooms. Designers and builders are allowing for spaces with custom cabinetry, multiple cooking surfaces, and granite islands. Materials and appliances are designed to be weather resistant, although homeowners commonly shut off the water in freezing temperatures and remove or cover furniture when not in use.

From simple to elaborate, at Lurvey we have the products that you need to make your outdoor sanctuary a beautiful and comfortable place to Come Alive Outside.  Come see us to get started on building your dream backyard entertainment area!


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