Keeping Your Mind on the Garden in Winter 

Keeping Your Mind on the Garden in Winter 

While it may be frigid outside, around the Garden Center, we are always thinking about what can be done in the garden, even during the wintertime. So today, we want to discuss a few gardening ideas to keep in mind as we start a new year.


If you received holiday plants or poinsettias, be sure they are near a bright window and water as the top of the soil becomes dry. Many holiday plants can last many years with proper care.

When the cold keeps you inside, a prominent place to look is caring for your houseplants. Keep in mind that many of them prefer a humid, warm environment. Increase humidity around houseplants by grouping plants together, placing them on pebble-water trays, or running a humidifier. Houseplants typically need not fertilized in the winter but water as needed. Now is also a good time to repot those that have outgrown current pots.

Plan & Start Your Seeds Now

Seeds, Seeds, Seeds! You can begin preparing for your outdoor garden now by starting to seed indoors. To start your indoor seeding, you’ll need to start with trays, mixes, seeds, and lights. Also, think about what seeds you want to plant outside and how you want to space and arrange your garden. Finally, you’ll know how to plan and develop your spring shopping list by sketching a design.

Keep Your Garden Protected

The next time you go outside, make a point to check out what kind of shape your garden is in. Look at any trees you have for damage on the lower trunks. With all the ice and snow we’ve had, keep road and sidewalk salt away from desirable landscaping plants.

The most important thing you can do in the middle of winter is plan for the spring. It’ll be here before you know it, and it is imperative that you have a plan in place for exactly how you want your yard or garden to look and feel.

Stop by one of our locations and ask one of our friendly associates for help with whatever upcoming project you want to plan. We will have a solution that will make your outdoor space come alive! As always, we’ll see you around the Garden Center!


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