Prepping Makes Perfect: What You Can Do Now to Get Your Plants Ready for Winter

Prepping Makes Perfect: What You Can Do Now to Get Your Plants Ready for Winter

As winter approaches, it’s time to start thinking about preparing your outdoor plants. Fall is the perfect time to make plans, so you and your outdoor space are ready for whatever winter throws your way! The combination of cold temperatures and harsh winds can be tough on plants. As we prepare for this winter, give your plants some extra protection in the following ways.

Should I Stop Watering Plants in the Fall?

The most important and pressing task for the fall season is watering your trees and shrubs in preparation for winter. The coming season can affect your plants and their water sources, so it’s essential to water now, so they aren’t under stress going into winter. Here are a few things to remember when watering your trees and shrubs before winter sets in.

When Should I Water?

Water regularly throughout the autumn season and keep watering your trees and shrubs until the first hard frost of the season. Continue watering right up until the ground begins to freeze, which is usually around Thanksgiving or longer. 

Be sure to water only when air and soil temperatures are above 40 degrees F, and there is no snow cover. Watering mid-day allows it to soak in before possible freezing at night.

How Much Should I Water?

Remember that watering deeply at wider intervals is better than frequent, lighter watering. Water deeply and thoroughly. The Ross Root Feeder, will deliver water directly to the roots when the hose is connected to it. You can also water effectively by placing the hose at the base of each plant and letting it trickle for 15 minutes. For large trees, water around the entire drip line so as to deliver moisture to all the roots. Give special attention to plants installed this year and last as well. 

Should I Water During the Winter?

Did you know that thirteen inches of snow is equal to one inch of rain? This tells that snowfall might not be enough on its own to keep your plants healthy through the winter. 

Keeping your plants hydrated through the winter is important when it comes to keeping your trees and shrubs healthy. You shouldn’t have to water your plants and trees more than a couple of times a month to keep them from drying out in the winter, and as long as you water early in the day, the water can be protective against nighttime freezes. The water in the soil traps heat and helps the area around your plant stay a little bit warmer than the air as the night approaches and temperatures drop. 

Can I Stop Mowing My Lawn?

When it comes to your lawn, don’t give up on mowing just yet. Your grass will thank you for the maintenance come spring. Leaves can be mown right into the lawn, but if you have too many, rake, shred, and mulch them into flower beds. This technique is great for building the soil and is an economical and natural alternative to fertilizers. Great outdoor living spaces start from the ground up, so make sure to protect your lawn this fall. 

Preparing your plants and lawn for winter is the most important fall chore you have in your outdoor living space, so don’t delay! Get out there and get your plants ready to endure the cold winter months.


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