Spice Up Your Stone: 3 Unique Flagstones for Your Next Project

Spice Up Your Stone: 3 Unique Flagstones for Your Next Project

Flagstone is a great product that can provide a unique look and feel to your outdoor living space. Consider using this distinctive material for your next project. You can find a large variety of flagstones at Lurvey Home & Garden. We are one of the largest natural stone suppliers in the Chicago area, so we have all of the products and experts you need for your next stone project. Check out our favorite unique flavors of flagstone that would be the perfect stone accent for your outdoor living space.

Idaho Gold

This quartzite irregular flagstone’s rich golden and silver colors give it a lovely shade that will add a unique touch to any outdoor living space. Idaho gold flagstone also contains pieces of mica that add a little sparkle when the sun reflects off of it. This flagstone is particularly good for setting in mortar and ranges from ¾ to 1-inch thick.

Colorado Red

Our Colorado Red flagstone is a vibrant red color that will make a splash in any outdoor living space. This remarkable flagstone variety comes in regular (18-24 inch lengths and widths) and XL (24-36 inch lengths and widths) sizes so that you can find your perfect fit for your vision and space.


The Piranha irregular flagstone is an excellent option with a neutral color base that stands out from the crowd. At ¾ to 1-inch thickness and with neutral tones, this flagstone option is sure to be a great fit for your next project. For a unique touch, this stone also contains fossils that can be seen on the face of the stone, so you can be sure you are getting a personal and distinctive outdoor space.

Here at Lurvey, we are committed to helping you find the perfect products that will help bring your outdoor living space to life. That means our expert associates are ready to answer any questions you may have about our products, how to use them, and what will work best for you and your outdoor living space. Stop by Lurvey Home & Garden and discover the more you’re looking for.


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