Step It Up: What You Need to Know About Flagstone and Steppers This Season

Step It Up: What You Need to Know About Flagstone and Steppers This Season

Flagstone and steppers are a great addition to any outdoor space. These products can be similar, but there are differences that will affect your next project. At Lurvey Home & Garden, we stock an array of options when it comes to natural stone, and flagstone is no exception.

How It’s Made

There are a lot of definitions of what is or isn’t flagstone. The simplest way to put it is, flagstone is anything cut from a large block of stone to be laid horizontally or part of a flat application. The process of making flagstone and steppers is also relatively simple. To make these, they take a big block of stone and split it right at the seam of the stone with a chisel. The difference between a stepper and flagstone is the size of the pieces when they’re split, with steppers being the smaller pieces and flagstone being the larger pieces.

Our Recommendations

Bluestone is a unique category of flagstone. Full Range (picture here) comes in green, brown, and rust hues that will add a distinctive look to a patio or walkway. Blue/Blue, true to its name, is a mostly blue color of stone while Lilac features deep purples and some rust tones.  

Eden is a type of limestone which comes in shades of brown and gray, is economically priced, and comes in pieces 1-1.5 inches thick. Chilton, another limestone, also comes in grays and browns, but can also include red tones. This type comes from quarries in very large pieces and is great for patio projects.

Fossil Creek and Sandy Creek are sandstones that come in shades of brown and originate from Arizona. Both of these options feature large pieces and are typically packaged on standup pallets to accommodate the substantial pieces.

Any of these options would look great in your outdoor living space. Flagstone and steppers come in many variations, and we have a great selection at Lurvey. Stop by any of our locations and let our experts find the perfect stone for your next project. 


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