What You Need to Know About Cut Drywall

What You Need to Know About Cut Drywall

Cut drywall is a term used for natural stone that has been cut and shaped for creating landscape walls. Natural stone cut-drywall is great for garden walls, retaining walls, as well as seat walls. Probably the most convenient part of using cut drywall is that it doesn’t need mortar or glue to bind it together, it will hold together just fine when you stack the stones on top of each other. Here are a few things that are important to remember about cut drywall, whether you or your contractor are doing the actual installation.

Types of Cut Drywall

Cut drywall is typically available in two forms; traditional cut drywall offers a more rustic look, while sawn height cut drywall is more modern and uniform in appearance. As they sound, traditional cut drywall has a natural top and bottom, while sawn height cut drywall features a  sawn top and bottom. Cut drywall is available in a number of different thicknesses, and while using stones that are similar in size can make installation a breeze, mixing sizes adds another dimension to your project. The lengths of each stone are typically random but can be cut fairly easily with either a diamond saw or a hammer and chisel. Lurvey stocks around 12 varieties of cut drywall in various finishes. We make it easy to find the materials and hopefully make your project easy as well!


Being able to stack cut drywall without worrying about mortar or glue makes it easy to build whatever kind of wall you’re looking for. Simply arrange stones that are similar in size on top of each other and stagger your joints as you go. Keep an eye on the heights of the stones you select as you build your wall to ensure a smooth installation.

Dry Stack Retaining Wall

If you’re building a retaining wall always make sure that you have adequate drainage behind the wall. It’s also a good practice to set back each course a quarter of an inch from the course below it. An easy way to do this is to make sure you can lay a pencil in the space on top of the lower stone and in front of the one you are stacking. We recommend that if your wall will be over 18 inches, you should consult with your contractor, to make certain that everything goes smoothly.

Using cut drywall is an easy way to build a natural-looking wall that will hold up for a long time. The convenient installation process and the limited amount of materials needed to complete this project will make it one that you will be glad you completed. Lurvey’s Home and Garden Center has the material you need and helpful staff available to answer all of your questions. Build your new wall with cut drywall today!

Image provided by Eden Stone Company, Eden, WI


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