Wintertime in the Garden

Wintertime in the Garden

Winter is a special time in the garden, not a time to forget your outdoor space! Here are some ideas about how you can Embrace Your Space this winter:

Keep a Watchful Eye

Watch how your garden changes. In winter, when the leaves are down and no flowering plants catch the eye, you can see the “bones” of your garden. Evergreens and grass seed heads that you have left standing will catch the snow and frost and reveal a beauty all their own. If you don’t have enough structure in the garden this winter, you can really see what you might want to add – and where. And take pictures; there’s nothing quite so magical as winter pictures of the garden!

Get Outside

Play outdoors. When it snows, think beyond the shoveling to building a snowman or snow sculpture, sledding, or skating.

Care for Our Feathered Friends

Feed and water the birds. In winter, cold drying winds make watering very important to birds. If you are so inclined, a heated birdbath is a great idea. Certainly, all kinds of bird feeders make it easy to give the birds a treat and watch their winter activity.

Winter Containers

When working with your outdoor containers, a Dwarf Alberta Spruce (Picea glauca “Conica”) is a perfect solution. This unique evergreen is slow-growing, very short-needled, and looks like a perfect miniature Christmas tree. Placed in the center of your holiday containers, it will provide the perfect focal point for other greens and ornaments you may want to add.

Because it is a live plant, while other greens you add to the container are cut, the Dwarf Alberta Spruce will stay green throughout the winter and keep your container looking fresh. Water well when you create the container, and continue to water until hard frost, and during warm spells all winter.

All of us here at Lurvey want to wish you a Happy New Year and hope you find time to enjoy the outdoors during this winter season. Take a look at our winter hours at our different locations, and as always we look forward to seeing you Around the Garden Center!


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