Leaves and Trees: Our Favorite Varieties of Deciduous Conifers

Leaves and Trees: Our Favorite Varieties of Deciduous Conifers

Deciduous conifers are a great tree for any outdoor landscape. They are beautiful in all seasons and can grow anywhere, even in adverse soil conditions. Deciduous conifers can provide height and add a natural touch to your landscape. These trees are lovely in all seasons, and numerous varieties have leaves that change color in the fall. Deciduous conifers will liven up your landscape and here are some of the varieties we’re loving this season:

Dawn Redwood

This variety has all the most common traits of deciduous conifers: the look, the height, and the leaves that change with the season. Dawn Redwood’s bright green foliage turns a coppery brown color and drops as fall gets closer.

Gold Rush

A variety of Dawn Redwood, this conifer has gold-colored leaves that get brighter as fall approaches. This variety can definitely add a spot of color to any landscape and grows to about 30-40 feet tall as they mature. This variety is a little smaller than the straight Dawn Redwood, which can grow from 60-80 feet tall.

Bald Cypress

This unique type of deciduous conifer is native to Southern Illinois. That’s probably why you’ve seen it around, and also why it’s a great choice for a natural-looking and native tree to our area. Bald cypress performs well in tough soil conditions so it will work well placed in locations where other trees wouldn’t be able to adapt.

Lindsey’s Skyward

This conifer differs from the others in that it has an upright growth habit. They grow very upright and the branches grow close together, so this variety makes for a good hedge or natural screen in a wet location. 

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